toefl writing ind 3

* while, although を使うときはpersonallyはいらない

* agree or disagree で返答に気を付ける

*while doing = during the time we do

* provide A with B


While people might have different opinions to support this question, I disagree with the statement for the following reasons



The first reason to support the view, “older people enjoy their lives more that younger people do”  is that older people can do what they want to do. Young people, especially if they are students, do not have much money. It means that products they can buy or services they can receive are limited. On the contrary, older people tend to have more money in comparison to youngsters and can spend more of it for what they want. Moreover, there are things that only adults can enjoy such as alcohol, tobacco etc. Thus, when we are young we sometimes cannot enjoy doing what we really want to do. As this fact shows, older people are permitted a lot of things by law and can enjoy their life with less control by others.

The second motive to put faith in this stance is that elders can spend good time with a lot of friends. While we age, we meet vast number of people. During the time we get to know new people, we sometimes can make good friends. Spending long time with such friends, friendship will be strengthened and we will get more close to each other. In another word, it takes a long time to create deep friendships. Therefore, older people are more likely to have more authentic friends than younger people have.  It leads to the fact that older people can spend better times with their good friends.

The third justification why not to rely on the given claim is that elders can see the world as more enjoyable. Older people experienced and learned a great deal of things while aging. It provides them with an insights that they can use when they look at the world. To further explain this point, I will give an example. Young people use smartphones without noticing how useful it is because they haven't used other types of phones. In contrast, older ones who have used cell phones can compare those two kinds of phones and enjoy and appreciate the improvement of technology. This kind of experience makes their life more enjoyable. As this example above demonstrates, older people have a different viewpoint that young people do not have and it results in a better life.

In conclusion, although there may be arguments to be made, either agreeing or disagreeing with my opinion, I am convinced that older people relish their life more than young people do because of the reasons mentioned above.