writing ind living with / without family


*Do  to do は Do したあとにdoする。

regret to do --- 後悔してからdoする→残念ながらdoする

regret doing ---do したことを後悔する

try to do --- 挑戦してみてdoする →試しにdoする

try doing --- doしようとする


While I believe that there are many advantages and disadvantages to both options, I think

that living with their family for as long as possible is the better option. (for young adults).


The first reason to support this view is that living with family allows young adults to have

more time for enjoyment. Nowadays people tend to work in a company or study at school

for a very long time and do not have enough time to enjoy their leisure activities. In certain

circumstances, living away from family may cause difficulties when trying to make time for

enjoyment with one’s family. In cases where a young adult moves far away from home, a lot

of time is wasted traveling to and from their new home and their family’s home. As the time

in one’s life is limited, it is better to choose the more time-efficient option. As this story

demonstrates, young adults can enjoy longer time with their parents and siblings as well as

improve their life by living with their family.


The second motive put faith on this stance is that living with their family is the more cost

efficient option for young adults. Living alone, more money will be spent in comparison to

living with one’s parents. For instance, a fridge, microwave, table, etc. are expenses that

are unnecessary when living with family. In fact, one article states that on average it costs

around $2000.00USD to start living alone. Instead of spending such a large amount of

money to move away, one can enjoy gorgeous dinner at restaurants with their friends. As

this example illustrates, living with family can save money and be used for more valuable


The third justification to rely on this claim is that young adults can help their parents when

accidents happen. The research done by Tokyo University ascertains that health conditions

significantly drop when people pass the age of 50 years old. Thus, young adults living with

their family is beneficial to their family as well. For example, from personal experience, I

have a lot of friends who regret living far away from their parents, because when their

parents became ill, nobody could help them immediately. As this experience shows, living

with family helps to avoid such possible dangers.

In conclusion, while there may be arguments to be made, either agreeing or disagreeing

with my opinion, I personally am convinced that living with family as long as possible is the

best decision for young adults.